This Video of 65,000 Green Day Fans Singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” While Waiting For Green Day Is Alarmingly Good

Counteracting the current mind-set that everything is terrible, 65,000+ fans waiting for the sold-out Green Day concert in London’s Hyde Park on July 1 organically collaborated on a giant, life-affirming sing-along. The song that united them all was Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” a song so epic I’m going to say the only other song that could cause a reaction such as this is Smashmouth’s “All-Star.”

I’m gonna say it now, they don’t make songs like they use to. There has not been any songs made in the last decade that 65,000 people could sing every lyric in unison. Especially a song that is just short of 6 minutes. Every song these days follows a tight format and the only thing that matters is an addicting riff. Bohemian Rhapsody isn’t that. It’s a genuine melody and it speaks volume when somebody doesn’t know the song from start to finish.

My Dad would always jam out to the “best of Queen” CD and this song is #1. It’s the first taste of Queen and it’s angelic. What do they talk about in the song? I literally have no clue but I do know every single word of it and mostly everybody else does too whether they know they do or not.

I’m gonna go ahead and say this version gives the OG a run for its money. There’s something about choir anthems that sends chills up my spine and I’d be quite honestly happier listening to this crowd sing than whatever Green Day had to offer. And I like Green Day!


This video gives me the same feels as when 100 people sang Foo Fighter’s “Learn To Fly”

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