Aaron Carter & Loser Girlfriend Get Arrested For DUI Literally 12 Hours After Promoting Their Own Uber Code

(People) Aaron Carter has been arrested in Georgia on charges of DUI refusal, possession of marijuana and possession of drug related objects … TMZ has confirmed.

The singer was pulled over by Habersham County sheriffs Saturday night. We’re told Aaron refused to submit to testing for a suspected DUI — meaning he refused a breathalyzer and testing of his blood and urine to determine if he was intoxicated. 

Carter’s girlfriend, Madison Parker, was in the car with Carter and was also arrested. 

Aaron Carter is a man I don’t think I’ll ever not love. Just like Shia Labeouf. But it’s stints like this that can make me do nothing other than shake my head and wonder why Aaron? Why would you do this to yourself? You were so full of potential, HOW could you get such a horrendous tattoo on your neck???


The DUI ain’t helping either. He was caught with an unsubstantial amount of pot in Georgia, where it’s legal, and he claimed he had a license for his anxiety and that he was targeted for being famous. The problem with that is that anxiety is not one of the 14 conditions allowed in the state of Georgia for medical marijuana. And also nobody recognizes him now that he looks like Draco Malfoy’s less successful cousin who they don’t talk to anymore ever since he was sorted into Hufflepuff. Sad!

But wait, there’s more!

Aaron’s somehow still celebrity older brother, Nick (Ravenclaw), went about reaching out to Aaron about this event in probably the worst way humanly possible. On Twitter. Arguably the world’s most public platform.

Leave it to TERESE to speak for the people.

Anyways, I’m not going to dive into the deep cracks in the foundation of the Carter family, because I don’t give a shit about them and neither do you. But what I found the most enlightening about this whole situation was his girlfriend, and girl who has ZERO problems with starting and argument with your Sister at your family’s dinner, Madison Parker.


I took a look at her twitter and realized she is a 90’s baby absolutely SWIMMING in the glory of dating Aaron Carter. Let’s analyze.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 9.46.42 AM.png

Two things.

  1. She is not married to Aaron Carter, despite claiming “taken” with a ring in her bio
  2. She publicly promoted her Uber code literally 12 hours before getting a DUI

I found this story all too enlightening. Although his girlfriend is a total loser, I will state that it does not defer my underlying love for Aaron Carter. When Aaron’s party comes on my iPod, I will still turn it up. I will still hide it so nobody else knows I’m listening to Aaron Carter, but I will always be a fan.

Get Madison’s Uber code here: https://t.co/fwa8qBDZxM

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