A Golden Retriever Gave Birth To A Green Puppy Which Sounds Super Cute Until I Found Out What Caused It

SCOTLAND – Last week a Golden retriever named Rio gave birth to nine healthy pups, one of them green.


Squatting above Rio & the crew is Rio’s owner, Louis Sutherland, who is absolutely jazzed up about her pup’s new litter which included an incredibly rare green puppy. The pup is completely healthy, and one of only 3 reported cases of green dog (that’s probably the medical term for it). The green pup would presumably be worth a lot of green, however before we continue, don’t get too excited.

The reason the puppy is green is due to the Mom’s placenta leaking on the puppy during the incubation stage. Which is gross, but not eat your own placenta gross. Not only that, but it won’t last forever. The green will fade and so will this pup’s glory, despite the fact dogs see in black and white so he wouldn’t even be able to show off to his peers at puppy school.


The Sutherland’s named the puppy Forest, which is not nearly as fitting as it woulda been if they named it Shamrock. They missed a huge opportunity with that if you ask me.

I hope whoever adopts Forest does it for the love and not the glory, as we know he will one day fade into being just a regular old good boy.

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