Jack Celebrates National Hot Dog Day in Troy, NY Which Is Now Proclaimed “Mini Hot Dog Capital of the World”

On July 19th, 2017 the collar city changed forever. Mayor Patrick Madden, who was too busy to show up so he had someone else talk on his behalf, proclaimed Troy, NY as the mini hot dog capital of the world. Why do we deserve this? Because we have some killer mini hot dog producers. Famous Lunch, Gus’s, Jack’s Drive-In and of course Hot Dog Charlie’s.


Troy thrives on mini hot dogs, and we’re not self-conscious about it because it’s not the length of the hot dog but the girth that matters. That’s not news.

Anyways, the Troy Innovation Garage was kind enough to host the best of the best to celebrate our hot dog culture on July 19th, which happens to be national hot dog day. And you better believe I was there to weigh in on the situation and witness this historic moment in the city that built 2BD.

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