Saturdays Are For The…Pokemon Fans

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally be here, the release of legendary Pokemon into Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Fest is taking place this Saturday in Chicago, trainers will be able to participate in a variety of events all throughout the day. Such events are catching Pokemon (some that we’ve never seen before in the USA, meaning the region exclusive ones) working together with trainers to complete challenges and unlock rewards. Now you’re probably saying I don’t live in Chicago this isn’t fair to me, that’s okay though! No matter where you are in the world you can also help out to achieve the ultimate goal, legendary Pokemon.


How the event is stacked is pretty straight forward:

Phase 1 will have three timed challenges throughout the day that will last thirty minutes each, during that time trainers in Chicago and around the world have to catch as many Pokemon as possible in order to complete the challenge and unlock the rewards. In order to reach.

Phase 2 trainers need to catch enough Pokemon during Phase 1 to achieve gold status. Phase 2 is the Mystery Challenge only the trainers at the Poke Go fest in Chicago can participate… don’t F*** this up for the rest of us! Lastly Phase 3 the Global Reward challenge which has no explanation just trainers will unlock a global reward if Phase 2 is completed….which I think we know what that means.

poke go fest

The Capital Region has a very strong player base (I being one of them) and all of us are coming together this Saturday (tomorrow) to do our part. While the Chicago event is happening, Albany based trainers will be heading down to the Empire State Plaza for a fun-filled day of catching Pokemon, enjoying drinks and snacks (BYO of course) and hoping that the day ends on a high note, taking on a legendary Pokemon. If you’re interested in attending go to this Facebook link  and I will see you Saturday!

alb fest

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