“Last Chance U” is Back and Better Than Ever

I’m a huge sports guy. And when you put my two loves together, sports and behind the scenes documentary, there’s nothing sweeter in my eyes.

Season 2 of Netflix’s Last Chance U was just released. The documentary series, an unflinching look at a junior college football powerhouse, offers many lessons. It is based at East Mississippi Community College and the incredible football team that focuses on one thing, taking troubled players and getting them on track for Division 1 and professional football.

Their success of mentoring players some that once made it to the big time of division one football and either ran into trouble or struggled academically. Last Chance U is exactly what it is, a breeding ground for high potential football stars.

“Every year we graduate everybody who is suppose to graduate and everyone goes D1”

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 1.01.12 PM.png

One of the more recent and most successful players to attend Last Chance U is Chad Kelly, nephew to Buffalo Bills legend Jim Kelly.


Head Coach Buddy Stephens is a firecracker who is the dominant force behind the success of these players. He doesn’t hold back running up the score against inadequate teams, swearing recklessly at anyone who deserves it, and it’s a strategy which works. Coach Stephens has lead the team to three national championships and has his eyes set on a fourth.


Last Chance U Season 2

It also follows academic adviser Brittany Wagner who is a no-bullshit sweetheart to these kids. Season one was almost painful to watch as she would literally chase these players off the field and drag them to class so that they stayed on course to graduate.


Oh yeah, this guy is back too.



Football down in the south is something you’ll never understand unless you go into one of these little towns and experience it for yourself. Nobody on the face of the earth would have known the little town of Scooba held a powerhouse football team if it wasn’t for this show. Definitely worth your time.

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