1,000 Linkin Park Fans Performing “What I’ve Done” In Tribute To Chester Bennington Is CHILLS CITY

It’s not news that Linkin Park’s lead singer, Chester Bennington, died 5 days ago after alleged suicide in his home in Los Angeles, sending a wave of shock and anguish across the internet.


Now I’m not out here to add the that flame. I knew Linkin Park for their 90’s and early 00’s hits and not much else (talkin’ Numb, In The End, and of course, What I’ve Done). If I was in final jeopardy and the name of the lead singer in Linkin Park came up 2 weeks ago, I would say what is, I don’t know, Matt?

It’s never easy to watch the internet feel so remorseful by the death of a public figure. It’s nobody’s fault, but at the same time he had been calling for help publicly for a long time. Here’s him talking in February about how he “has a hard time with life”

When celebrities are alive, they’re ridiculed for destructive behavior (cough cough Aaron Carter cough cough). Then when they OD or kill themselves everyone’s like, “I wish they knew how much we loved them!”

Anyways, it’s a very sad situation, the band had to cancel their upcoming tour which was weeks away and I’m sure this is the inevitable end to Linkin Park, at least as we always knew it. But the silver lining, if any, is this video that surfaced a few days ago of 1,000 Linkin Park fans in Moscow, Russia performing “What I’ve Done” and it is absolute chills city. 

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