Fun Fact: Our Military Spends 10X The Amount Of Money On Erectile Dysfunction Pills Than It Would For Transgender Medical Expenses

If you’ve even stroked the internet or television today, you know damn well that President Trump has abruptly banned transgenders from serving in the military. Over Twitter, like the professional draft dodger he is.


Why? Because Trump will do anything to distract the media the tremendous medical costs that active trans service-members entail.

What is that number? According to a Defense Department study conducted last year, the military study estimated that these treatments would cost the military between $2.4 million and $8.4 million annually.

That’s a lot of money, right? Wrong. Even at its most extreme cost of 8.4 million to serve the less than 1% of servicemen who would seek such treatment, it still amounts to less than 1/1,000 of 1% of the military’s annual budget. 

In sharp contrast, The Military Times previously reported that in 2014, the Defense Department spent a total of $84.24 million on erectile dysfunction prescriptions. Of that, $41.6 million was specifically spent on Viagra.

The treatment for transgender expenses do not extend to retired servicemen or their families due to their limited coverage, but ED treatment does. This will affect the estimated 15,000 active trans who will soon be out of a job, and the millions of future trans who will be barred from ever entering.

So don’t worry, guys who eat too much red meat and chain smoke, you’ll still be able to get it up on the military’s dollar because our President is a pervert who understands the difficulty of getting an erection to make your 6th child with a 3rd women.

I’m no political analyst, but this proposition makes it seem more than likely that there’s underlying intentions to this move. Why would he ban them now? Where did it come from? Is it just to shake up the media to get off his back for Russia? Or is Trump just one step ahead of everybody else like usual…


Stay woke America. 

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