Am I The Only One Who Felt That The Giant Carnival Pendulum Swing Would One Day Lead To Catastrophe? Cause Yeah It Finally Happened

Carnivals. The joy of your town for a solid 72 hours as people of all ages intakes mass amounts of sugar (shoutout fried dough), bright lights & workers with no teeth who promote an underlying sense of doom as you try to ignore the fact every ride & booth has been assembled in the last 24 hours.


I think that’s part of the thrill, the unknown. Will this ride crumble as I’m on it? Do I trust the fact the guy who assembled and operates this ride has eyes looking in two different directions? I don’t know, but here’s 5 bucks and we’ll give it a whirl…

Every year stories pop up of carnival rides malfunctioning and although it makes Americans turn their heads and gasp, it clearly has not stopped them going because carnivals still exist.

But one ride in particular, the pendulum swing, always left younger Jack with terrifying scenarios playing out in his head of a bolt coming loose and the whole shabang following the laws of physics and flying half a mile through the sky with everyone strapped in. Final Destination shit.

Luckily it never played out as it did in my head, and I was even young & reckless enough to ride it on multiple occasions. However today is the day when a video of this exact same ride in Columbus, OH came crashing into the floorboards, sending the riders flailing through the air resulting in death & critical injuries to the victims.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich called it “the worst tragedy in the history of the fair,” adding, “it’s a very, very sad night for all of us.” The governor ordered all rides at the fair shut down until each one could be inspected.

A little late there, governor. 

It’s always very sad to see young people pass away from something completely unnecessary, like a damn carnival ride or your older sister snapchatting while driving.

I’m gonna go out on a whim and say I think my days at the carnival are donezo.

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