Rejoice! After 13 Years, Arnold Returns To Television

In an age cluttered with zombified smartphone addicts, the utmost characteristic humanity seems to be lacking is, empathy. Undoubtedly, we’ve become more consumed with our own lives and ventures while drifting further away from person to person contact, leaving the times of good conversation, advice, and compassion on the brink of extinction.

Who can get us back on track? Who is the purest, unbiased, empathetic and loving soul this earth has seen to date? Ghandi? Jesus? Mandela? Nah…Arnold.

After 13 years off the air, Craig Bartlett, the mastermind creator behind the monumental animated series on Nickelodeon, “Hey Arnold!” plans to release the newest addition to a classic series entitled, “The Jungle” in November 2017.

To keep his viewers attached to where the show left off, Barlett plans to begin the film within the neighborhood we all are familiar with, followed up by a curveball to keep things refreshingly interesting.

“In the two-hour Jungle Movie, we’re going to start in Arnold’s city that we’re all familiar with,” Bartlett explains. “And then Arnold and all his classmates are going to travel to the jungle in Central America, in a made-up country called San Lorenzo.”

Arnold is a character who embodies what it is to be well rounded. Growing up in a border house surrounded by different cultures, Arnold has always had the ability to connect with those of any walk of life, providing them help, advice, and sincere friendship all rooted in love.

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REJOICE! Arnold is BACK!

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