Silicone Wedding Rings Are a Thing and I Promise I Don’t Hate it

Who needs an expensive diamond when you can wear a mini Livestrong braceleton your finger to show devotion to your spouse?

I do.


But that’s just me, because apparently silicone wedding rings are a thing now, replacing karats witch stretchability and lowering the price tag by thousands. My research has turned up a whole bunch of sites who sell silicone wedding bands at a very affordable price. Very.

For $50 or less, you can buy this rubbery little ring and present it to your significant other to replace the traditional diamond and bands or to be used as a back up for when you just ain’t feeling the glitz and glam.

I want to hate this trend so badly, I mean I do hate it, but I promise I understand its function.

The rant: These things have absolutely no style and are quite literally disposable. Hideous! Rubbery!

I’m not speaking from experience, but with the amount of “likes” I’ve thrown at ring photos on Instagram, Iwoulddefinitelyrank getting your ring in the top moments of awesomeness throughout the engagement-to-marriage process. It’s a piece of jewelry you’ll only get once in your life, and it’ll be on your finger ’til the end of it. There are so many beautiful rings out there –shapes, colors, sizes and materials. I just don’t think silicone and bright red are in included that mix.


The reality: For all you Plain Jane’s out there, this might just do the trick.

If you’re into hiking and the outdoors, or work in an industry where accessorizing isn’t always welcome, this makes a lot of sense. Obviously the wedding ring, while a beautiful piece of eye candy, is also functional and lets people know to back the F off. Some people literally just need it for its sole purpose and couldn’t care less about what it looks like. Understood.

A lot of the ads for it say it’s for those with an active lifestyle, you know those fit couples who sweat together and also stay together by doing so? Well OK, so if you choose to take off your real bling for the gym, do you really need to show people at all times that you’re married? We can’t do a quick lift sesh without replacing the rock with this miniature hamster wheel?

The rant: Everything about a wedding is traditional and expensive no matter what you do. But you just do it.

People are doing weddings completely differently these days, breaking the barriers of tradition and putting other priorities ahead, like saving money. But regardless of how “different” you try to make your wedding, a sh*t load of money is going to be spent. Try and save on theevent, a one-time thing that lasts a number of hours, and spend the big bucks on the everlasting wedding ring that’ll never be out of sight.

The reality: Savings are savings. You gotta cut corners where it makes sense for you.

If you want to take a trip around the world and wear a rubber band around your finger for all eternity, I can’t stop you from doing that. First of all you should be applauded that you could propose with this and things still worked out OK. (Hey, I’m a child of divorce and very cynical about this whole love thing).

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 11.44.04 AM

Seriously, I don’t really hate these. I’m not a princess who expects the world and then some in the form of expensive jewelry and stuff…maybe. But seriously, a wedding ring is part of the tradition and such a special token of someone’s crazy love for ya. Go big or go home –don’t go silicone.



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