Weekend Recommendations: Binge ‘Rick And Morty’

Ahh, the summertime, skies are blue, birds chirping, grills firing, and it’s way too hot and way too humid, so let’s all stay inside.

And while we’re inside let all of us continue to perfect the indentation on our couches because the new season of Rick & Morty kicks off Sunday night (don’t worry it’s on after Game of Thrones)!


After an 18-month hiatus (with a brief return as an anti-April Fool’s Day prank) Rick Sanchez, a mad scientist grandpa, and his less than brilliant grandson, Morty, are back on their bullshit.

Intergalactic adventures that weave through space and time accompanied by the highest laugh out loud percentage of any show on TV equals the best 484 minutes you can spend this weekend catching up before the official (?) Season 3 premiere.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “cartoons are for babies,” and you’re right! Cartoons are for babies! I hate cartoons, I hate when people still watch Spongebob. South Park and Family Guy became stale for me a long time ago and don’t even get me started on The Simpsons.

However, when you take the creator of one of the decade’s most underrated shows, Community, in Dan Harmon and pair him oddly with the voice of many of the Lemon folks from Adventure Time, Justin Ruiland, you get a goddamn triumph.

Ruiland voices both Rick and Morty, while Morty’s parents, Beth and Jerry, are voiced by Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) and Chris Parnell (SNL and literally everything) and his sister, Summer, is voiced by Spencer Grammer (Greek and daughter of Kelsey Grammar).

If that collective doesn’t get you excited then consider in only 22 episodes so far the show has featured guest appearances from Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Nathan Filion, Key and Peele, and that’s just the beginning of a lengthy list.

I put Rick and Morty up there with Veep in terms of what shows make me laugh the hardest and most frequently, but like Veep the laughter comes from a place of grim realities (albeit ones expressed and experienced FAR from reality) and Alison Herman of the Ringer summed it up best:

This is a show that asks questions like: How sociopathic, lonely, and bored would the smartest man in the universe actually be? What kind of abandonment issues would he then pass on to his daughter? How would his daughter take those issues out on the loser husband she got stuck with and the kids she had too early?


We all like to have plans for the weekend, all these productive plans, getting ready to turn our lives around come Monday morning, but let’s be honest with ourselves, we’re all sort of shitty. This culminates with at least one night where we’re going to embrace our inner Ricks and our goal will be:


And you know what a good remedy for a hangover is? Dark places, a comfortable seat, and a show to binge (and a little hair of the dog for good measure).


Take a break from your mundane life on Earth and step into nearly two dozens adventures on different planets and across multiple timelines while grasping with the many problems these characters grapple with that will startle you in the closeness in which they resemble your own… or worse… the ones you fear.


Follow Rick and Morty down the forever deepening rabbit hole into the show’s underlying darkness while being doubled over in laughter balances it out.

I leave you with this gif, which I think about once a week at minimum:


Get caught up on Hulu and Adult Swim.

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