How is Twitter’s Stock Going Down When it’s the Most Entertaining Place on the Internet?

Disclaimer: I know nothing about the stock market. 

Disclaimer #2: I’ve been a Twitter super-fan since like 2011.

With all of the political, celebrity and sports madness swirling around on this beloved social platform of mine, I couldn’t help but wonder how CEO Jack Dorsey and his crew are doing in the stock market these days.

Something tells me the app has struggled financially for a while, but I had to verify its most recent status by doing some really well-thought-out Google searches:

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As it turns out, Twitter stock is down 0.66 or 3.91%. It’s in the red and the arrow is pointing down so I assume this is not a good thing. But I am not the person qualified to dive any deeper than that, so I’ll continue with the one question I have about these negative numbers.


It’s the most entertaining place on the entire internet. I thought Twitter would be thriving thanks to the intensity in which our Commander in Chief has embraced the social platform as his own virtual press conference.

More often than not, Twitter is the platform that breaks news first –from terror attacks to sports victories, within seconds you can read not only the latest update –but reactions from people all over the world. Hashtags pull people into the conversation together (and  BTW, Twitter was the first platform to use hashtags thanks to a guy named Chris Messina*), and you can watch stories develop in real-time with a simple scroll of the thumb.

Plus, as all social media channels do, it gives us common folk another dimension of the celebrity appearance. It’s fun to watch banter back and forth between co-stars, teammates and it is not fun at all to read anything on Twitter related to politics.

But if it’s doing so poorly in the stock market, clearly I’m missing something here. My guesses as to why are:

For most people, 140 characters is a little tough

As a trained journalist, though I love to be poetic and wordy at times, I know how to cut to the chase and get my thoughts down.  For most people who dread writing (tweeting is writing after all), the 140-character limit can be restraining, so they say eh why bother –I’ll take my gender equality rant to Facebook instead.

Ads are annoying everywhere you go

Twitter ads ain’t no thing. Just a little snippet of sponsored content that I can scroll away from faster than you can change the channel on your TV remote. But for some people, being constantly bombarded by irrelevant ads can be just enough of a reason to spend less time on a platform that doesn’t prove to be entertaining.

Maybe the news just isn’t that cool

I love being the breaking news anchor to my group of friends or coworkers. LOVE it. But for some people, as crazy as the world is, it makes them want to use social media as an escape from the madness –a place to add saturated filters to photos and ignore the updates on what the rest of the world considers to be relevant content.

I guess I respect that, but I also want to show these people the dozens of hilarious accounts and how Twitter can instantly create a virtual support system within those 140-character blurbs, in categories from the most serious or the most ridiculous. Twitter’s style is something I really dig, can you tell? It makes you feel a part of something and like your hot take or funny comment matters to all the homies throwing out the favorites to ya (shoutout to all five of you).

Guess it’s time for me to go buy some stock and educate myself on the inner workings of NASDAQ.

*Not the actor, Chris Messina, just a Google developer who brought the hashtag idea to Twitter and let them run with it. I wonder how actor Chris Messina feels about super smart web guy Chris Messina.


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