This Family Sent Their Dog To Be Put Down Just To Find It Available For Adoption 6 Months Later Because They’re Dumb And Their Dog Was Fine

(KCVB) A Utah veterinarian is struggling with the fallout of secretly curing a sick dog after its owner asked for it to be put down.

In November, Dr. Mary Smart was approached by the Coates family with Zoey, a boxer suffering from seizures and a large tumor on her side, according to KSL.

When the Coates family asked for the dog to be put down, Smart accepted. The family left with a receipt showing $215 for Zoey’s euthanasia and cremation.

Six months later, the family’s mother, Tawny Coates, discovered her dog on a rescue Facebook page for boxers. Zoey’s name had been changed to Miss Frankie and the 9-year-old pup had been put up for adoption.


I am gonna give my educated guess that the vet saw that this family sucked and took the dog while she had the chance. A little fib in the form of a cremation receipt never hurt anybody, just saved good girls. 

The writing is on the wall. The family’s Father recently robbed a bank and went to prison, they lost their house, and then they gave their dog up with ease. And the worst part about it? They got it back, because the vet didn’t get a signed release. She just told the family she was dead.

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Smart said she discussed other options that could save Zoey. Surgery, medication, or even “do nothing,” but let the dog live.

“Did he seem open to any of your suggestions?” asked KSL TV’s Mike Headrick.

“No, no,” Smart said. “He kept repeating that he wanted to put the dog down.”

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I’m gonna go ahead and call this vet a hero. Just trying to get the good girl into a good home. It didn’t really work after the OG owner found it on a local adoption Facebook page. Which makes me think the vet isn’t as smart as her last name suggests. She literally could have put the dog on adoption anywhere else other than the exact area it came from, but she didn’t and is surprised the original owner’s eyes found it? The internet is a powerful place, Dr. Smart!

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