The Internet Actually Couldn’t Handle the “Death” of Microsoft Paint, So Now It’s Back

Recently, Microsoft decided to hang up their pixelated easel and say goodbye to Microsoft Paint. Well, that was before the Internet forgot all their real life problems and brought upon what felt like the second American Revolution.

Since 1985, MS Paint has been installed in every Windows operating system. For more than three decades, users have used this tool to create drawings, doodle, and crop and resize images.

However, with Windows new Paint 3D application that was introduced last year, Microsoft decided to throw MS Paint on the ‘deprecated list’ meaning that this software will no longer be actively advanced with new features.

The internet actually couldn’t handle it.

In a recent Windows blog post, Microsoft delivered the news that, “MS Paint is here to stay, [as] it will just have a new home soon… where it will be available for free.” So for those of you playing, “Where can I get this outdated application?” at home, you can find MS Paint in the Windows App Store where old school applications that were left for dead get a breath of new life.

I live in 2017, and even though I am a cog in the social media ecosystem that we all take part in, I am still shocked with how much power we have at our fingertips. Our generation is typically typecasted as the collective group who does not give a shit or is unaware of what’s going on in the real world. But, when a childhood memory is attached to a news story, that stereotype is the farthest from the truth.

But I still have one lingering question.


Can’t we just let things go to die? Are we so caught up in our childhood that we refuse to let go of any link that brings us back to our brace-face prepubescent years? The revival of MS Paint joins the company of undesirable 90’s television reboots or unwarranted movie blockbuster remakes. I haven’t heard of anyone using this software since I was playing Pajama Sam on my 2001 Dell Computer.

Microsoft claims to have over 100 million monthly users, but I can’t imagine that to be seriously active users. As I recall, the only time I used MS Paint was when I was daydreaming while talking to my grandparents on my corded phone. Remember those? Gently ignore the singular tear running down the left side of my cheek for the middle schoolers who never understood talking with a restriction to where one could roam mid conversation.

Disregard that side tangent. Let good things come to an end. I miss Clippy as much as the next guy, but my life is no different without him in it.

And you know what? There are some pretty cool apps where people go to create and distribute art with their friends. Just search ‘Snapchat’ in your app store. I promise you won’t regret it!

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