Here’s What Needs To Change In Pokemon Go

I’ve been playing this game since Day One just over a year ago, its been an uphill battle for Niantic to keep up with the needs and demands for Pokemon Go.

The latest addition of Raids and legendary Pokemon being introduced to the game has certainly sparked a flame back in the Pokemon community. Because of that spark Niantic is literally rolling in the cash, Pokemon Go is back up in top charts as one of the highest grossing apps and Niantic just had their highest top grossing day since launch.

I’m an avid player, I’ve had my chance to catch a legendary Pokemon and they are a pain in the ass, my solution is that it’s time to introduce the master ball.


Let me state that I like the current degree of difficulty of catching one of these Pokemon, it would ruin the game if the catch rate was any easier. So why am I asking for the master ball? For those of you unfamiliar with the master ball, it has 100% catch rate for any Pokemon.


I think the perfect way to incorporate it is to make it as rare as the evolution items were when they were introduced to the game. You would be able to use the master ball to catch legendaries, pick and choose when and who you want to use it on. Even if you don’t catch a legendary Pokemon the items and experience that you’ll receive from the raid almost make up for it, but I walk away a bit pissed because I drove all this way to catch this dude and yet again its giving me the Dikembe Mutombo no no no!

giphy (4)

The revamp of the gyms was an improvement in my books….but they screwed up two very important things, Pokemon coins and stardust.

Before the revamp the max amount of coins you could get a day was 100, now its down to 50 which okay I’m fine with that, but you only receive your coins when your Pokemon gets knocked out of a gym that you occupy.

The problem I have here is if you defend a gym longer than twenty four hours you’ll only receive 50, in reality you want your gym defender knocked out within a days span… that’s stupid.  Stardust is now one of the hardest things to farm, gyms before the revamp were the best solution, now its either egg hatching or catching every Pokemon in sight.

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