These National “Whatever” Days Have Gotta Stop

I’m not gonna lie, pretty much any sort of trend I see online these days makes me go insane. Maybe I’m a grouch, or maybe people are just really dumb. Which leads me to my next trigger,  National “Whatever” Days.

Every single day happens to be national something, National Hot Dog Day, beer, best friend, etc. etc. Today being August 6th I checked the National Day Calendar and there happens to be six things you can celebrate…six. Are you kidding me.

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Who the hell thinks of these national days? And why can a day have more than one? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? One hour you’re celebrating one thing then the next you’ll be celebrating something else, that’s stupid. I’m also suspicious that some happen more than once throughout the year.

Can’t we just stick to the simple things? Tuesdays are “Taco Tuesday,” Saturdays are “For The Boys,” and Sundays are “Sunday Funday” why cant we just have those? Stop being greedy and asking for more.

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Now if I had my way with these national days I’d create a few that I think most people would love and demand to be real. So without further ado I present my list:

National Pay Me More Day

National It’s Too Nice Outside for Work Day

National Wear Comfy Cloths Day

National Fuck Off Day

National Monday After Superbowl You Don’t Work Day.

P.S. I’d be okay if there was more than one national steak day, you bet your ass I’ll celebrate that whenever, wherever.

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