Calling [Almost] All Sweaty Girls: Have No Fear, The Ta Ta Towel is Here

The latest trendy invention, the Ta Ta Towel, provides a solution to a scenario many of us gals (and guys) are familiar with. It’s the middle of summer, you’re living in a third floor walkup with two roommates and the AC unit is broken. The bathroom is basically operating as a sauna and within seconds of stepping out of the shower, you’re not dripping water but rather straight up sweat.

For girls, even though it looks like we don’t sweat, we definitely do. We just hide it in a little spot called in between our boobs. Boob sweat can be a MASSIVE issue if your hair and makeup routine is long and the post-shower sweating never ends.

How can you effectively prep for a date or hang out in a bathrobe and drink rosé while binging The Mindy Project with all of this unwanted moisture?


Well, you buy the Ta Ta Towel and all solve these problems for just $45. It fastens on in a halter style, and cups nice fuzzy absorbent towels around your melons. The towel comes in a variety of colors, of course, and its supporters can be seen wearing it casually like this weird new piece of cloth has been around for ages.

Of course the internet had to comment on this new invention, and in the midst of the summertime sweatiness, I’m sure Ta Ta Towel sales probably felt a nice little lift. (Get it?)

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I mean it is a pretty sweet idea, right? But there’s just one problem.

This ain’t for the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, this is for sure for the over-the-shoulder boulder holders.


If you’re anything less than a C cup, this twisted towel would have nothing to secure itself to! So if your girls aren’t big enough, it’s not going to work.

All this hype and then a major letdown for the petite or small-chested ladies out there. And dammit I’m one of them! There’s nothing I would like more than chillin’ around the house in this boob hammock.

*Sighs and takes item out of online shopping cart*

I guess it’s back to managing my boob sweat all on my own while I watch the well-endowed females of the world enjoy every minute of this miracle solution.



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