4th Grade Me Says It’s Time to Move to NYC and Live Inside the Limited Too Pop-Up Shop

Now this is the most  ~*totally cool*~ news I have heard in a while. The store of my elementary school dreams, Limited Too, has opened up a pop-up shop in NYC showcasing all of the best tween attire for five days only.

I am extremely upset to find out about this halfway through its short little life, but my goodness the memories are coming in HOT like an Easy Bake Oven right now.

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Limited Too was the place you’d go for your back-to-school outfit, your BFF’s birthday gift and it was generally the one bargaining chip your mom had to get you to spend a day at the mall with her. Their stuff was ~*off the charts*~ cool and it takes us girls all right back to the days of Lizzie McGuire, Girl Scout outings and school pictures.

I’m one train ticket away from heading down to this store and spending my entire paycheck for the sake of nostalgia. If I do that, I better find these absolutely classic Limited Too favorites:

The Inflatable Chair


Was this practical? Not at all, but you just knew it was destined to be on your Christmas list or as a gift at your summer birthday pool party. The inflatable chair was a favorite hang out spot in your bedroom or unfinished basement, and honestly I wish I still had it now that I realize how expensive adult furniture is.

Printed Booty Shorts


Some girls weren’t allowed to wear these because it called attention to their bums. Fair point, responsible parents, but little did you know in 2017 bum pics would be like the most popular post on Instagram ever. These were even more awesome because of it. Luckily, my parents didn’t care about me were cool and I got to spread the words DANCER, CHEERLEADER, and GYMNAST over my bum for the whole world to see. Some pairs even had rhinestones, too. *Drops mic and leaves the cafeteria in style*

Logo Tees

These shirts came at a time when you wanted everyone to know where you bought your clothes. Today, that’s completely unacceptable, hence the downfall of brands like Abercrombie and Hollister. But you had to let your fans (and haters) of the hallways know that you were rocking the most pristine styles from Limited Too. I definitely owned the graphic tee on the right with a matching pair of sweatpants to go with it.

The cami and eventually, the bra


This was the OG go-to move at Limited Too. You wanted a bra so bad after the hallmark episode of Lizzie McGuire, but you weren’t ready for this level of pre-teen breakdown at your own house yet. So, you got camis in every color and felt satisfied knowing your little growing buds were safe inside the cami bra top.


Ah, the memories. They say fashion trends always repeat themselves, so I think my case is pretty strong to go all in on this pop-up shop and hope someday that my female offspring appreciates the quarter-life crisis shopping spree.

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