A Love Affair with Local Radio Station WEQX and the Powerhouse Acts That Perform Upstate

Music is powerful. It fits every possible mood a person can be in. What you listen to to get through a workout, a breakup, or the work day all has a profound impact on your outlook on life or the situation at hand.

Here in the Capital Region, we’re spoiled with venues that attract some of the best artists of our time (though SPAC has been a snooze fest the past few years). If the big act doesn’t make it upstate, NYC and Boston are close enough to make the trip.

One of my all-time favorite radio stations, 102.7 WEQX, is the best station upstate to bring you upcoming artists to the radio, and eventually to a concert venue right in our area.


Last week I saw Alabama Shakes at the Palace Theater in Albany. The lead singer, Brittany Howard has an unbelievable voice and I feel like I got to see this concert at the best possible time.

Alabama Shakes has made an SNL appearance, have a few major hits and their success is only on the rise.

I grew up listening to classic rock/rock music and have shifted to more alternative, and it’s one of the many reasons why WEQX has been my go-to for finding new music. The best thing about 102.7 is they bring artists to the Capital Region, and most times the show is either free or super affordable. Albany’s Pearlpalooza, and Tulip Festival are two of the major events that WEQX helps puts on. Live music all day and it’s for free? I’m so in.


Downtown Albany at Pearlpalooza. Photo credit NYS Music, C. McMahon

So now that my love letter to WEQX has wrapped up, it’s time to share my top 5 favorite concerts I’ve attended at venues in upstate New York.

5. Coldplay at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, 2009

coldplay4. Matt ‘n Kim — RPI Fieldhouse, 2013

3.  ACDC – Albany Times Union Center, 2009


2. Rolling Stones – HSBC Arena, Buffalo,  2015 (This show was much better than their Super Bowl performance)

REFRESH1. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Albany Times Union Center, 2003


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