Influencer Marketing Works SO Hard That I Just Spent Two Weeks Tracking a Package From the Ukraine

Yeah, so what? I just spent the past two weeks tracking a custom shipment to be delivered to my doorstep in upstate New York from the Ukraine.

THE UKRAINE? I’m such a sucker, dammit! I work in advertising and am still susceptible to all of the insanely targeted marketing messages served up on the reg.

CpmGbjgUIAAkEUFThere are no surprises as to why you throw Burt’s Bees into your cart at Target or pick up the end cap item at the grocery store. Those actions are influenced by the ads you see literally every time you stare at a screen. Maybe it seems subtle because you barely realize the impact those ads have on your routine errands over time.

But I’ll tell ya what’s NOT subtle –influencer marketing.

That’s the sh*t you willingly sign up for and walk right into just because you think someone else is cool. Instagram makes this incredibly easy, especially for fashion lovers. We are able to follow along with the daily life of social media celebs who get bombarded with free product from brands who want to capitalize on the captive audience of wanna-be’s in that person’s corner.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 8.46.12 PM

It usually looks a little somethin’ like this. Instagram photo: @elisabethgram

If someone you like is wearing a dress, doing a particular workout routine or drinking a certain flavor of vodka, you naturally want it, don’t you? (If the answer is no you are an unoriginal liar and we all know it.) So if you convince yourself you want it, you’ll get it no matter how much it costs or how many miles it has to travel to get to you, right?

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 8.39.07 PM

OK maybe that last part is just for me. Because yes, I ordered a handmade linen Muumuu from a company called SLEEPER overseas (like so overseas I had to Google the location). But, the ads were so cute! The girls are so cool! The product description is so up my alley!

So, I just photoshopped my head on top of her head a couple of times and then I placed the order with my eyes winced shut and hoped I wouldn’t regret it. I don’t even like to order stuff online but I was sure I needed this product and it would all pay off with how freaking hip I would look with it in my closet.

Well guess what, suckers –I was right! Yeah, maybe against my wallet’s better judgement, but influencer marketing is kind of magical and can connect you with brands, people and a culture that you truly are interested in and want to be a part of. While often devastating to your bank account, it’s a lot better than getting ads for indigestion medicine or a monster truck set that means absolutely nothing to you.

Yeah, advertising works and I ain’t afraid of it. Come at me with all the trendiness ya got.

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