Does This Look Like the Face of Someone Who Left CNN to Report for Trump TV’s “Real News” News?

For better or for worse, America has a President who literally cannot act presidential even if American lives depend on it (cough, North Korea, cough). I even tell our writers at Two Buttons Deep not to write knee jerk reactions to stuff Donald Trump says because:

A. Trump says outlandish claims to rile up the media
B. More often than not he doesn’t follow through with what he says
C. Everybody and their mom is already talking about it, no need for additional commentary.

But Trump TV is something I just can’t shake. And I’m here to write about why.

Last week Trump launched a “real news” segment on Facebook to “combat mainstream media.” It promotes only good news about Trump along with his accomplishments and is definitely not state-funded propaganda. Just real news….right?

The first episode was hosted by “real lips” Lara Trump, his daughter-in-law because how could that ever be biased?


Anyways, Lara delivered the news sentence by sentence, with cheesy transitions in between, because she’s literally not capable of reading a teleprompter for 90 seconds straight.

Like all subpar pawns of Trump’s dynasty, she got the boot after week one.

And just like all girls in Trump administration, she was instantly replaced with someone younger, hotter and more well spoken. Does this look like the face of someone who left a job at “Fake News” CNN to be the new face of Trump TV’s “real news?”


Meet the latest person delivering REAL NEWS AND NOT STATE FUNDED PROPAGANDA, Kayleigh McEnany.

Kayleigh left CNN to become the face of both Trump TV and the Republican Party. Which I’m sure will breeze over all tensions currently in play between Trump and his own administration. Who could be more informed of intelligent political issues and morals than a biased CNN commentator?

In her first 90-second segment which aired Monday, McEnany makes a number of questionable claims, most notably about the credit Trump deserves for his continued strong economic growth.

It pains me to know there are real Americans out there watching this now as their primary source of news. And I’m sure it’s easy to rebuttal the same about mainstream media (or MSM for people who aren’t good at spelling). But as much as people argue “MSM” being biased, it really isn’t. There are hundreds of outlets all telling relatively the same, real story on a daily basis that Trump doesn’t like, because it’s the reality that an egomaniac can’t absorb. And so now there’s this.


Trump’s news network shields him and his most loyal followers from said reality, and only presents the “facts” which are stretched to make Trump look like a king. For example, they don’t credit America’s current job growth to our hard working business owners, the economy, or the continuing trend of the Obama administration, nope, it’s Donald Trump himself, nobody else helped. But like I said before, this is real news and definitely not state funded propaganda.

Wait no, this absolutely is f*cking propaganda and if you don’t understand that it’s because you are a simpleton and will eat anything served to you by a hot blonde.

This is the type of shit that runs North Korea and Russia, the government controls what you see and what you don’t see and Trump TV is right on par with that agenda.

“Media reports in North Korea are often one-sided and exaggerated, playing “little or no role in gathering and disseminating vital information true to facts” and providing propaganda for the regime.”

Although Trump TV is just a cheesy weekly Facebook segment now, it’s a dim foreshadow for what is to come from Trump in the future. It’s just our First Amendment rights at stake if Trump TV evolves into something bigger. Either that or we’ll all get nuked by North Korea because Trump won’t keep his mouth shut…we’ll see!


P.S. I’m just gonna leave this here.


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