Shaun White Shows Up to Hattie’s in Saratoga Looking Like a TOTAL Local (Or Not)

Summer in Saratoga Springs always draws a decent crowd of B-List or so celebrities into town. It’s fun to hear the rumors of where they’re hanging out and if you’re drunk enough, it might also be fun to try and get a photo with them and later get ejected from the bar.

The most recent celeb sighting of the summer is two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White, and it isn’t his first time in Toga Town (see header photo courtesy of Skip Dickstein, Albany Times Union).


If the celeb happens to be a good guy like Shaun White is, it’s typical for them to pose in photos with local business owners or polite bystanders and then the story gets 518-viral on social media, surpassing any and all news of robberies, car accidents and scandals.

SIDE NOTE: I would’ve assumed Shaun White would be as much of a d*ck as he was in his cameo appearance in Friends with Benefits. (He was really convincing)

Cheesy for the celeb but cool for the locals, I guess? Though there a bunch of celebs out there who want some low-key vacation time and fly under the radar as much as possible to prevent a local media frenzy of paparazzi. But when you’re Shaun White and you roll up to Hattie’s dressed like this, it’s pretty hard to go unnoticed:


Photo credit: Beth Alexander (

I’ve seen celebrities in NYC before and looked around and been like, “Is that __________?” It looks like them but you can never be 100 percent sure since everyone’s got a doppelgänger out there. Granted I would also never go up to any celebrity (besides Mindy Kaling, possibly) and ask for a photo or tell them I love their work or whatever.

But the point here is that Shaun White is BALLIN’ out in Saratoga in this outfit and he doesn’t give a F who knows it. I love that he posed for some pics with a hard working local business owner and their staff, and I love even more that he is not hiding the fact that he could probably afford to buy the entire city and eat fried chicken for the rest of time.


Photo credit: Beth Alexander (

Plus, it’s more proof that upstate NY is cool as hell and the hot happenin’ place to be.

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