Make it Stop: We are NOT Ready for Seasonal Items in Every Aisle

It gets worse every year, doesn’t it? Even when you think it can’t start any sooner, you head into the supermarket at the tail end of summer when you’re still buying summery beer and corn on the cob. But wait, the aisles are filled with Halloween candy and Pumpkin Lager.

Where did the Adirondack chairs and grill supplies go? How about the sunscreen and pool floaties? There’s still another few months of good weather to soak up!


When it’s 80 degrees outside, don’t even talk to me about pumpkin. This shit needs to stop!

And if it takes you almost two months to prep for Halloween you need a reality check.

Christmas, or for the politically correct folks, the Holiday Season, is the worst offender of this too early stuff. I swear I’ve seen Christmas shopping commercials in September for upcoming deals, and the aisles start filling up with decorations, colored candy and cold weather gear way too soon. At the very earliest, Christmas stuff pops up around November 1.


Granted this display probably takes like three months to set up…

We just feel like skipping right over Thanksgiving to prep for Black Friday and two whole months of holly jolly. Unacceptable. I love Thanksgiving, it might even be my favorite holiday. So don’t rush it! Black Friday is the earliest acceptable time to start feeling the holiday spirit.

Here’s my new rule: One month max to prep for any holiday should be enough time for anyone, two months is just too much.

I know fashion has been doing this forever, that’s fine. But for food, drinks, cars, jewelry etc…stop it. Stores are going to make money, the deals will be there, do we really need to stretch this out longer than it already is? Or else I’ll need a solution for pre-holiday depression.

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