A Multi-Level Mario Kart Inspired Race Track Is Opening In Niagara Falls


N64 Mario Kart is a legitimate staple of our generation. I know I credit a lot of things as a staple, but I clocked more hours playing Mario Kart on N64 than I care to admit and I know for a fact I’m not alone. The shitty graphics ain’t holding nobody back because the game is near perfection and caused more inter-sibling fights than choosing bedrooms, stealing clothes, and tattle tailing combined. They have released many versions since the classic N64, on Gamecube, Wii, something else, but now our attention is in focus again, this time in Niagara Falls IRL.


HOCO Limited, a privately-held tourism and resorts company, is almost finished building a massive go-kart racetrack in Clifton Hill, which is the entertainment strip of the Falls. They’re calling it the “Niagara Speedway” and it will be the first attraction of its kind in Canada, as well as the largest in North America. The addition is part of an ongoing development project started in 2015 aimed towards the revitalization of Niagara Falls tourism.

These tracks are gonna bring out all the feels for people far and wide in one of New York’s most notable waterfall towns. There’s a ton of bullshit racetracks in every lollygag amusement park around the world, but this one has hills and looptyloops, and at least some sort of representation to the tracks we know and love in Mario Kart. Sad news is they are not duplicates, there will be no Choco Mountain, Wario Stadium or Koopa Troopa Beach.  But all is takes is a little bit of acid for any course to be rainbow road. That is a fact, not an endorsement.


Now the real question is, will there be items to pickup along the way? Bananas to toss? Lighting to screw everyone over? A blue shell to ruin first place’s day? Time will tells as All construction work is expected to finish this fall, with the month of October slated for testing. HOCO is looking to launch all of the new attractions in the spring of 2018.


Along with the race track are a line-up of other new attractions, including a zombie exhibit, an enhanced 4D motion theatre, simulators and a renovated Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum. The entire space, which will include a widened pedestrian walkway and 750-car parking lot, will occupy over 10-acres of space along Victoria Avenue.

May be worth the trip to Canada, eh?

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