Where to Watch the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Fight

We’re only days away from the fight of all fights, Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather. The hype train hasn’t stopped for weeks making sure that this blockbuster fight has every set of eyes in the world watching.

I don’t want to talk specifically on the fight or who I want to win (Go Conor) because that’s what everyone is talking about. With big hype comes big planning, so it’s time to decide where you need to be to watch this fight. As far as I’m concerned, these are your options.

Order yourself some pay-per-view


To order this fight it will cost you $100. That’s not bad when you think about it since it’s such an epic event, but it is rather expensive for one person to pay if you are going to watch it solo. So, if you’re destined to watch it in the comfort of your own home, get some buddies together and split the cost –or make them buy all the beer and takeout food.

Hit up your favorite sports bar


You could go out to a bar or restaurant to watch if you’re looking for more of a social scene. This is particularly appealing if you love people-watching and want to witness the shit show that is a bar during a popular sporting event.

You’ll have to assume there will be a cover charge for most if not all places, because it costs them money to host the fight viewing, too. If you’re in the Capital Region, all of Wolff’s Biergarten locations will be airing the fight for $25. This does guarantee you entry to the event no matter how crowded the line to get in will be.

Buffalo Wild Wings will also have a $25 cover, Hooters is $30! But Hooters offers a deal for the next time you visit. To me those deals aren’t worth it when you calculate drinks, food, and maybe an Uber that’s well over $100 for an evening. But, the pros are it’s pretty care free and could be a pretty memorable experience.

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Don’t watch the fight and all and follow along on social media


If you’re not super into this match or are just extremely cheap, the obvious alternative is to not watch it at all. Social media is bound to be bumpin’ with updates and video snippets of how things are going –from the behind-the-scenes action before the fight, all the way through to the live event and celebrations and misery to follow.

You can catch the commentary of sports reporters and crazy fans and all you have to do is put your scrolling thumb to good use.

So, at least you know what your options are here. If you ask me, if you can round up a bunch of friends and have them all chip in to order the fight and watch it at someone’s house, that’s the best way to go. Whatever you decide, it’s time to make your plans ASAP and keep the hype train rolling leading up to this highly anticipated event.

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