Fashionable Dudes Tell Me What’s Up for Fall 2017

We (well, I) cover a lot of women’s fashion here on 2BD, which is great for the ladies but an obvious miss for a big part of our audience. My love for GQ is real and I follow men’s fashion a bit, but I also have the privilege of knowing a lot of guys out there rockin’ big city fashion here in the Capital Region.

Since this next season is about to fall right on our lap (see what I did there?), it’s time to look ahead and see what’s on the fashion horizon for fall ’17. So if you’re interested, give my fashionable friends a follow: @ng03ruth, @spennyjunks and @SaamzT and thank them when you’re ready to shop for the pieces that’ll get you noticed in the next, arguably best, season for fashion.

With their guidance, here’s the items and trends to have on the radar for your fall shopping list.

Suede, suede, suede


Vegan Suede Bomber Jacket (Navy), Banana Republic $158


Vince Arthur Chelsea Boot, Nordstrom $425

Suede is delicate (AKA don’t you dare get it wet), but it’s super sleek and hip. The dream pair for one of my male fashionistas are these stunners from YSL.

For guys this year, introduce some suede with Chelsea boots or a light, fall jacket. Hint: jackets are going to be big, too. Chelsea boots are versatile –they can be worn with a fitted pair of jeans, cuffed up for happy hour or can easily go with slacks during the daytime at your 9-to-5. As for the bomber, you’ll see the importance of layering pieces to add texture and comfort to your look.

Blue jean, baby

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 9.57.16 AM

Slim Fit Raw Hem Jeans Stone Wash, The Idle Man $42


Basic Slim Fit Jeans, Dark Blue ZARA $59.50

Jeans aren’t going anywhere –and if you think every style looks the same you’re a damn fool. Denim does evolve, though, and the “skinny jean” trend of the past is turning into something much more sophisticated and widely acceptable among guys who aren’t skaters. It feels intimidating, but for most people and body shapes, fitted = flattering.

Fitted jeans like the pairs above hug you in the right places and aren’t a waste of fabric hanging all over the place. To start getting yourself in a more fashion-forward direction with denim, try a raw hem jean. Raw hems have been a women’s trend for the past couple of seasons, but it’s making its way over to the guys side of the house and it’s subtle enough to be worth a test run.

Bold embroidery


Ink Embroidered Cotton Shirt, McCartney $398


BDG Customized Embroidered Denim Trucker Jacket, Urban Outfitters $79 (SALE)

This top button up shirt is on Nick’s radar to go along with the tailored trend in menswear, colliding with another once-girly trend of bold, colorful embroidery. It’s a built-in accessory to an otherwise boring staple like a denim jacket or a collared shirt, and it shows you really mean business with your pop of color.




Nole Black, Acne Studios $510

Every pumpkin loving girl out there will tell you fall and winter sweaters are the best. But they’re not just for us! Chunky cable-knits, cardigans, crew necks and shawl collars are all super cool for guys, too. It might even get the ladies a little hot and bothered if you’re willing to ditch the hoodie for something a little more cozy.

Show off those…layers

Part II to the chunky trend has to do with knowing how to layer your pieces. Fall is obviously an unpredictable season, so if you layer appropriately, your outfit can last you all day and incorporate a lot of cool trends into one look.

Coats are mega-important here in the northeast, so whether it’s a blazer in September and a wool trench in November/December, start thinking about how that outer layer is going to mesh with all the goodness you got goin’ on underneath.


Nick says the chunkier the better, and for fall, try and layer a lighter crewneck sweater or sweatshirt underneath a blazer. Chris Messina rocking this look makes me DEFINITELY agree that this trend is in. *fire emoji*

Plus, layering is not a rookie move. You have to know your stuff and have a wide variety of pieces in your closet to curate something cohesive and cool. And the last pro tip of the day (echoing an earlier men’s article here on 2BD) comes from from @spennyjunks:

Don’t be afraid to layer and accessorize. It’s hard at first as a guy to get into it, but be a little creative. The biggest/most used accessory in my wardrobe is a flannel. A flannel or cardigan wrapped around the waist enhances your outfit by a lot.

Check out these pieces for a complete look incorporating our top-pick trends:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After all, everyone wants to look good to feel good. Girls always say we don’t dress for guys, we dress for other girls since they’re the only species who will admire our looks and understand the process and the art that having good fashion sense is. But for guys, we all know why you’re doing it –so just get smart and take some risks this fall.


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