This Lady Found Her Engagement Ring Growing On A Carrot 13 Years After Losing It

We’ve all lost something precious in life. Sometimes we move on, sometimes we replace it with something subpar, and sometimes you do both and lie to your husband about it. Just like 84-year-old Mary Grams did.

Mary Grams, of Alberta, Canada, lost her engagement ring back in 2004 when pulling up weeds in her garden. Grams, who is a Grandma with a convenient last name, gave up hope on finding the ring she received in 1951 after days of searching with her son.

Like any good Mother, she swore her son into silence of the ring’s absence, and quickly went to the store and bought the cheapest look-a-like she could find because she thought her Husband of 60 years would “give her heck” if he found out. He didn’t notice the difference, probably because he’s a guy’s guy, and they carried on with life as such.

Her husband later passed away in 2012 and the ring was a mere memory, until her daughter-in-law, Colleen Daley, saw the ring resurface clasped around a carrot in the same garden.


Grandma Grams was so hyped she found the ring that she even went two buttons deep. God I love it. I’m still trying to understand the physics of such an resurrection, but by the looks of the carrot it seems her husband may have gotten the short end of the stick in reincarnation and was simply trying to give it back to her.


Probably should have paid better attention to his wife when he was alive, then maybe he would’ve been reincarnated as an asparagus, the king of vegetables.

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