Nobody Asked Me, But…Volume 7

Ah, nothing like a plastic glass of Pinot Grigio and a lakefront view to convince you that summer is definitely not ending, right? We left ourselves only 20ish minutes to film before the sunset, so we dove right in at Lake Local in Saratoga for our latest video in the NAMB series.

It’s a cool spot and consistently super packed, but it has all the personality and vibe we look for when we’re hopping around the 518. All you gotta do is secure a set of sweet, sandy Adirondack chairs for your crew and your night is automatically going to be a good one. Side note: Prior to finding my chair I was yelled at by a couple who accused me of stealing an unoccupied seat that belonged to someone. Are adults allowed to have imaginary friends?

Check out Volume 7 below and feel free to tweet me when a random thought of truth/sass comes into your head and it may just end up in our video. And be on the lookout for a new NAMB every Sunday only on 2BD.


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