What Makes Minor League Baseball More Exciting? BENCH CLEARING BRAWLS

God I love Troy. It’s where Two Buttons Deep is based as well as myself. People ask, why Troy? And I have a million answers. Up-and-coming downtown, incredible food and drink selections, home of Uncle Sam, it’s not my parent’s house, and there are endless amounts of hidden charms of which you must spend time here to fully Enjoy Troy. Much like Joe Bruno Stadium, tucked behind HVCC, the stadium most notably hosts the Tri-City Valleycats, a minor league affiliate of the Houston Astros.


I go to their games periodically, mostly incentivized by free tickets from colleagues or access to a suite because that’s the type of life I live. Anyways, a minor league baseball game is always a solid night because the management knows you’re not there just to see the game. The players are merely out of college and unknown to the general public, and only once in a blue moon do you witness a Sportscenter Top 10 play.

Which means they do a great job of making it an enjoyable experience for those who do go. Low ticket prices, a beer for under $10, and a time and place for a killer instagram pic to show off to YOUR fans that you know how to have a good time.


Anyways, back to the fact that the games aren’t very exciting. For a non-baseball fanatic, it’s hard to get hooked. But what’s the answer to that? BENCH CLEARING BRAWLS. It’s not what you expect at a minor league baseball game, but it’s what you expect when you’re in the Troylet.

Electric. I would be hootin and hollerin’ if I were there. I would probably buy season tickets too. These guys have no business getting in fights as every step they take at this stage determines if they rise up the rankings, but here they are flingin’ fists like it’s Yankee Stadium and they’re locked into a 10 year contract.

MVP of the fight goes to water boy.

Why was he throwing a bucket of water?? Did he think it was going to put out the fire? Hurt the other team? Was he so focused on not spilling the water that he missed out on the fact a brawl had broken out? Does he think it’s 2014 and the Ice Bucket Challenge is still in affect?

Shout out to that guy though. And shout out to the Tri-City Valleycats. You can take Troy out of your name, but you can’t take the Troy out of your players. 

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