Local Man Buys a Round of Drinks for Passengers on Delayed Flight Home to the 518

These days, the bad travel stories definitely outweigh the good. From exploding electronics to ejecting paying passengers from their seats, everyone with a smartphone camera jumps at the opportunity to make the airlines and air travel experience seem unpleasant.

And of course, during the busiest times of the year where the amount of travelers increases by a lot –the tensions run even higher. Delayed and oversold flights put passengers in the saltiest mood while they’re simply at the mercy of the airline employees, the weather and every unforeseen circumstance you can think of.


Schenectady business owner and founder/CEO of Sequence Development in Troy Jeff Buell might’ve known all this going into his trip down to Charleston, SC at the time of the Great American Eclipse, but it was still just as disheartening to learn how difficult it would be to make it back to Albany.

So, he complained and yelled so much that United Airlines chartered a private plane for him to make it home, right? Cause that’d be reasonable.


Instead, he made the most of his time bouncing around from gate to gate, treating people with kindness. By the time he finally boarded a flight home, he asked the flight attendant if he could please buy every passenger on the flight a drink if they wanted one.

This is quite literally unheard of in the world we live in right now. He recapped his experience on Facebook following a safe return home, calling it, “Do the next good thing.”

He posted not to brag about his random act of kindness, but to remind us all that sometimes, especially when the situation is out of your control, that the right thing to do is take a deep breath and just enjoy the journey.

A great story comin’ out of a great human right here in the 518. Read his full post here:

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