Fringe and Furs For the Girls: Fall Fashion Preview

Last week, I gave the guys a head start on what’s hot for fall knowing it takes them just a little bit longer to recognize their pants from last season are too short and that there’s more to fall fashion than hoodies and baseball tees.

Most of us gals have been peepin’ the hundreds of retail emails in our inbox every day that hint at what new styles we ‘have to have’ as the cooler months creep in. It’s literally impossible for me to not open up an email as pretty as this one from the brand most frequently found in my closet, Free People.


But with the mass amount of e-communications we receive, the best trends can get lost in the shuffle and it’s my duty to make sure you know what to buy before every 20-something on your block or office building is wearing the same thing. Here’s what fashionistas and retail brands across the U.S. are recommending you fill your shopping cart with this season:

Fur (& faux if you prefer)


Jacket 413, LPA $328


the shearling heidi mule, Madewell $168

Fur is so cool I feel like it’s always in, but this year colored furs are especially a big deal. Since we’re all too poor and environmentally conscious to wear real furs, it’s easy and (somewhat) affordable to find faux styles that are unique and so clearly colorful that no one is questioning if you just walked out of the woods with that coat.

The colored fur jackets and bold accents like the pair of mules above allow you to wear all of your comfortable basics underneath, like a clean white tee or a pair of ripped skinnies. Those pieces sit back and let you call attention to the completed look.

Victorian collars


Cotton Blouse, FRAME $255 (


Lace Cold Shoulder Blouse, Who What Wear @ Target $27.99

Victorian collars are a nice way to ease into wearing turtlenecks for the girls who aren’t convinced it’s an item exclusively reserved for conservative grandmothers. High necklines are super flattering and especially with the lace or frill detail acting as a built-in accessory to dress up the typical top.

Victorian style shirts are a little more blouse-y, so if you think to pair it with slacks and a pair of pumps, you’re on the right track. But I am LOVING the way the bottom image is styled with the lace top and striped track pants. Go, Target!





the margot boot in soft metallic, Madewell $198


Time to break out the fire flames emoji! Metallic and glitter (especially in footwear) will be all over the shelves this fall. It’s a statement and quite honestly a blast from the past that some fashionistas might not be able to embrace right away.

The trick here is to overcome the fear that a little sparkle is going to appear over the top in a casual setting like work or happy hour.

PS: Let’s talk about kimonos for a hot sec. These have slowly come up to the fashion forefront after being big on the runway for the past season or two. The daytime pajama trend lends itself to this piece with couch floral fabrics, adding a lot of length to your outfit and giving you multiple options to wear it (like belted or unbelted).

Fringe-y F. Baby


Hold Your Horses Fringe Shorts, Free People $198


Chelsea Fringe Sweater, AMUSE SOCIETY $88

Fringe is tricky-tricky if you ask me, but if the fashion gods say it’s back in style for this year, you bet your bum I’m going to find a way to rock it. Erase all the thoughts of the Great Gatsby or a tasteless bachelorette party outfit and embrace the style that only the cowboys knew would come back around.

The options above are subtle and incorporate other trends like chocolate brown and suede for fall, which is super trendy and shows you have guts when it comes to curating outfits for yourself this season.

So overall for fall, I’m still really feeling that 70s inspiration that seems to not be going anywhere any time soon. There’s a lot of bold, statement styles that you’ll need to be careful going overboard with. Just for the record, here are some honorable mention trends to keep an eye on (some I hinted at above):

Couch florals

Chocolate brown

Mid-length skirts


Denim embroidery

Pointed toe shoes

Vintage-inspired hats

All business (tailored jackets, collared shirts, slacks)

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My best advice is to pick your favorites, and stock up on the basics (white t-shirts, thin turtlenecks in fall/wintery colors, lots of denim jeans and skirts) and let your trendy styles do the talking as the layer on top. Now get out there and fill that online cart!

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