Is The Internet A Safe Space For Me To Say Taylor Swift’s New Single Isn’t Good By Any Means?

I would let somebody scroll through my camera roll before I let them view the play count of Taylor Swift songs in my iTunes. I’m a real fan. For the past 8 years I’ve been in a cycle of falling in love on a bi-yearly basis dreaming about the day that one day one of these songs would be written about….me?

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But now look what you made me do, Taylor. You made me write a bad thing about your bad single in the safe space that is Two Buttons Deep. I gave it 3 listens before affirming the fact that it’s not good, I don’t like it. If this was Taylor’s first single ever she’d amount to nothing but a gal with a YouTube video.

It’s a darker song ridden with spite, and with 3 years clean from the spotlight, we have too many options to pick from on which battle this song derives from. Kanye saying he made her famous? Gross radio DJ’s touching her ass in Denver? Her unhappy ending with Calvin Harris about happy endings? Could it possibly be about….me? I don’t even know what I did do make her do it!!!!

The start of her 6th album was a highly anticipated flop. Of course the radios are gonna massage it head to toe even though it’s not good. They’re serving us gas station chicken and calling it Chic-fil-A, and we’re eating it because Americans will eat anything with a pretty label on it.

The lover in me is telling me the album will pull through and be a keep-on-repeat-for-4-months kind of deal, but the hater in me is thinking this is a foreshadow to a darker Swift that I don’t like. Nothing we can do now but wait until November 10th.

Thanks for being so safe, internet.

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