Mini Me’s #DriveByDunkChallenge Is Everything You Need To See Today

I know he has a name, Verne Troyer, but he will forever be Mini Me and that’s not up for discussion. Anyways, the only thing shorter than Verne is the lifespan of the new internet trend, #DriveByDunkChallenge. 

Essentially the #DriveByDunkChallenge are hooligans who drive up to a suburban home, running up the driveway and dunk on a preexisting basketball hoop. It’s like egging a house, but for people without any guts. No glory either. No semi-permanent remains left as a nuisance for the owner, just 2 points on the scoreboard. I don’t see the thrill in this, but then again I didn’t think dumping ice on yourself would take off and we all know how that went.


Anyways, today Mini Me dropped his own version with his own special car and his own special Little Tikes hoop and it is literally the only thing you need to see to get through your day with a smile.

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