Are These Conor McGregor Fans Making the Irish Cool Again?

Irish kids come with a mildly underwhelming rep in America. We account for 99% of the gingers and the sun is not our friend, why wouldn’t we? I’m almost full Irish myself, studied abroad in Dublin and genuinely appreciate a good Guinness and can tell when it’s not. And if there’s anything I want people to understand it’s that England is to Ireland what the U.S.A is to Canada: cooler. 

At least it appears to be to the rest of the world. But when was the last time you heard about Canadians dying from self-inflicted sparks that could ignite a civil war? When’s the last time you heard about Ireland Brexiting from a stable Union? You don’t. They’re low key and have stable leaders. But you’re right…USA! USA! USA!

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Anyways, what I’m saying is that the Irish don’t have many shining stars like their perceived superior counter-country does but when they do, they go balls to the walls in team spirit. Nobody drinks like the Irish, that’s a fact, and here they do a lot of that.

The Irish have made the trek not only to America, but the west coast to support their monarchial UFC champion, Conor McGregor in his big fight tonight.

Mick Konstantin went viral (even joining the high ranks of being featured on our Instagram page) after releasing what would become their anthem for the big fight tonight.

Chills city. All of your boys together in the party city of the world chugging imported Irish beer singing our new favorite anthem. It doesn’t get much cooler than this, does it? The only person singing for Mayweather is Justin Bieber, who reportedly unfollowed Mayweather on instagram and sent him into a TIZZY.

So the answer is no, nobody is singing for Mayweather like these Irish kids are for McGregor. And yes, these kids are making the Irish cool again.

As for the fight? Watch this video and feel some chills.

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