Houston Flood Victim Claps Back At CNN Reporter The Way I Always Imagined Somebody Would in this Situation

It’s gonna be a tough 4 years for CNN. After Trump has shat on their organization time and time again they’re gonna have no choice but to rebrand themselves. It’s the only way. Like YNN in Albany going to Spectrum, it’ll be necessary to escape the sticky reputation our President has given them as the pioneer of fake news. 

Anyways, they’re in the spotlight from the wrong reasons again after a Houstonian Mother flipped out at one of their reporters who were interviewing the victims at a breaking point in their life. They just lost their homes, were reportedly abandoned by police, and were cold and hungry, and we know how Americans get when they’re hungry, we even have a word for it: hangry. This women wasn’t just hangry, she was mad as hell and had no time for this marble-mouthed reporter.

I always wondered that fine line between firsthand reporting and invading personal space. For years the mainstream news has pushed said line in regards to filming during war, death and tragedy. All of the stuff American’s hate to see, but can’t look away from, which is why B-list organizations like CNN exist.

I get this reporter is simply doing her job. Get the first hand accounts of what people are going through, that’s why she’s in Houston and that’s all she’s trying to do Was she doing her job? Yes. Is she good at her job? Hell no. She’s knows she’s walking on thin ice with these victims and she can’t even articulate a complete sentence for them. It’s tough enough for someone to recount the disaster they just endured, let alone when you re-phrase your question 1,000 times while asking it.


“Like people are really breaking down here and you’re sitting here with cameras and microphones trying to ask us what the fuck is wrong with us….With me shivering cold, my kids are wet, and you’re still puttin’ that microphone in my face!”

We saw some grade-A authentic Houstonian sass and I loved it. All in favor for the lady telling the reporter to fuck off. But at the end of the day, there was no reason the victim had to be interviewed, she must have at one point agreed to said interview, she signed up for it. Maybe she was just saddling up to rip this reporter a new one and give MSM a slap in the face they have so shamelessly deserved. 

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