Joyce Azria’s ‘Avec Les Filles’ is a Home Run and Not Enough People Know it

Avec Les Filles, the brainchild of Joyce Azria, daughter to fashion guru Max Azria of BCBGMAXAZRIA, has been getting a lot of my attention since its launch in early 2017. This is one of the only brands I’ll actually shop full-price, and if you know my shopping style (sale, baby!) that just shows how into it I am.

But now that its section at Macy’s is on my usual route throughout the store, something tells me not enough people are aware of the brand. Well, not in upstate New York anyway –of course the PR efforts have been there in fashion hubs like NYC and LA.


Avec Les Filles pop-up shop in Los Angeles |MAY 2017

So, rather than adopt the hipster mentality and keep this gem of a fashion line all to myself, it’s my duty as Joan Rivers long-lost granddaughter to inform you of a trendy, affordable new brand that will rock your closet’s world.

It’s G-I-R-L-Y

Avec Les Filles literally means, “with the girls” in French, so yeah, the name alone is pretty darn packed with girl power.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 12.31.05 PM


But what’s really unique about this line is the feminine consistency throughout all of the pieces in each collection. It’s not shouting at you like hey! look at us we make women’s clothing! but rather chooses carefully its patterns and fabrics that have a subtle, confidently girly side. I don’t usually wear pink but this line has certainly improved my chances of purchasing the color.

But not too girly…

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 12.40.10 PM

ALF has enough in its collections to allow the wearer to create unique looks that juxtapose traditional feminine cuts and colors with harsher elements like converse-style sneakers with ribbon laces, or an old school leather bomber. There’s also a little hint of athleisure in there which is super appreciated with today’s grab-and-go lifestyle.

Any brand that can make logo apparel cool again gets mega points, and they’re doin’ it.

You can grab it in the stores


Another confession behind-the-scenes of my shopping habits is that I strongly dislike ordering online (the true minority mentality, I know). But at 4’11” it’s hard to know how I’ll size up to the trendiest looks at stores like ASOS where online is the only way to shop. So while Avec Les Filles won’t be found in every department store or on the endless racks at TJ Maxx, it can be shopped in stores like Macy’s or their own branded pop-ups.

And, you can grab it on sale

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 12.50.14 PM

Overall, the line is quite affordable for the quality of the clothing and the fast-fashion inspired styles on the racks. Though Macy’s offers Avec Les Filles as a leased department (meaning it’s ineligible for the million coupon-driven sales Macy’s offers),  you can still see it taken down to a percentage off in the stores. On the brand’s own website, the sales seem to be even better –so check twice before you buy.

Not totally in love yet? Fine, I’ll keep it to myself next time! But before that, check out some of my favorite pieces from the current collection.

(PS: everything is 30 percent off until Labor Day)

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