23 Good Boys Who Survived Hurricane Harvey Were Shipped To Be Adopted Here In The Capital Region

23 good boys arrived to the Capital Region late last week after escaping the treacherous Hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas. They are being sheltered in the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society and are all available for adoption.


Let it be known that these dogs are not dogs separated from their families, but dogs previously up for adoption who were bumped from local shelters to free up space for those animals who were displaced in Texas.

“In the Capital Region, we are fortunate to have a very caring, dedicated adopting public. This is why we are able to pitch in and help others impacted by severe weather and other circumstances, and there are several very meaningful ways to help.” The Humane Society told the Times Union.


Nothing gets me hyped more than a fresh round of pups at the pound. My girlfriend and I like to torture ourselves by visiting the Human Society on the regular to browse the selection and daydream about which ones we would take home and what we would name them. If I’m being honest I’ve experienced love at first sight about 50 times in the past year.

Anyways, with this new round of pups I’m taking this morning to go pay them a visit. Maybe walk out with 1, 2, all of them? Hopefully not. I have a hard enough time feeding myself 3x a day it’d be irresponsible of me to put one of these good boys under my wing, I know that. Plus, I’m just a youngster living in a 4th floor apartment. These dogs are destined to end up living the dog’s dream as the pet of a middle-class suburban family with a large backyard and an endless supply of overpriced brand name dog food. Which is a position in life I think everybody dreams of being in, tapping into the quote “it’s a dog’s life.”

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