Cher and Future are Gap’s New Iconic Duo and it is SO Groovy

It’s not unusual for me to visit But it is unusual for me to visit and see a brand new campaign featuring celebs who seem like an unlikely pair: Cher and Future.


Gap is getting in on the “Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait…” game by introducing Cher and Future as the face of a new campaign, Meet Me In The Gap. Launched in July, this new advertising effort is about connecting people and embracing their dissimilarities to achieve something pretty great. In Gap’s own words:

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 2.08.45 PM

So, why not do something brilliant and put together two essentially opposite celebs and make them appear on camera together, jammin’ out to some tunes? Cher and Future hadn’t even met before they stepped on set to film this ad, singing their own cover of “Everyday People,” by Sly and the Family Stone.

This is also Gap’s first time advertising on television during the back-to-school season in quite a while, in a time where stores are closing from coast to coast and the struggle gets even more real to compete with Amazon and online competition.

Of course these two celebs, while random to each other, aren’t strangers to the Gap. The pair both show support for the true denim brand and reminisced on growing up in their jeans, and passing on beloved, worn-out items. Future’s son was a Gap model not too long ago (PS: I had no idea Future and Ciara had a baby together? Jealous).

GAP Kids

I am SO in on this. I grew up a Gap kid, and am currently tracking a shipment to my doorstep right now. (Jumpsuits and turtleneck season, baby!) I love to see the tried-and-true retail brands constantly innovating and trying to find a way to stay relevant. It also helps that I have a major crush on Future and think he is like, the coolest.


So, yeah, Gap. You sold me. I’ll be happy to see this ad on football Sunday’s and continuing to rep the brand in adulthood. Sometimes being basic is actually hip AF.

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