Mewtwo Has Arrived to Pokémon Go, But Not For All of Us

It’s been over a year since the popular, almost too-popular app launched, but the wait is over for the next iteration, well sort of. Pokémon Go trainers finally have the chance to catch the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo.

The Capital Region got their first experience taking him head-on at Crossgates Mall on September 15, but Mewtwo is still in beta testing.

Trainers need to acquire an exclusive Raid pass, which can only be acquired by completing a raid at a certain Gym which the exclusive raid will take place later on. Sounds cryptic, right? But if you understand, you’re so in on this.


Niantic, the software development company responsible for Pokémon Go, hasn’t yet specified the exact requirements to be part of the beta testing. As of right now, Mewtwo is only be released to Gyms that are located at an official game sponsor, like Starbucks and Sprint stores.

They also have not told us how recently you’ll need to have completed a raid at the Gym of which Mewtwo would be appearing at –which would be good to know.


As a fan of the app, I have to say I think these “exclusive Raids” are pointless.

You’re telling me now I have to go out of my way to locate either a Starbucks or Sprint store, complete a raid there and hope that I get invite to the next Mewtwo battle?

Raids in general are taking away from the common concept of the game. Over 50 people showed up to the Crossgates Raid, and pretty much everyone walked away catching the legendary Pokémon. Though I didn’t get an invite to a Raid Battle, it has to feel pretty damn good to be one of the first in the Capital Region to own a Mewtwo.

Regardless, the app is continuing to innovate and keep the momentum going on the popularity that swept the nation (and world) last year. People are still participating and ready for whatever’s next when it comes to this game.

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