Nobody Asked Me, But…Volume 11

After a week hiatus, we had to roll back into NAMB by taking it up a notch. With Wolff’s Biergarten right down the street from 2BD HQ and a birthday girl on our hands, the infamous birthday boot was a must.

So, yeah, I turned 24 which means I am certainly entitled to the 2.0 liters of beer that fits inside that giant vessel. But have you seen me? I can get down with some Miller Lite cans now and again —but damn that’s a lot of beer when you’re barely pushing 5’.

I’d do it again though, this place has a great atmosphere with nice lighting and outdoor seating, awesome beer and friendly fellow patrons who were willing to help us out for a true ‘happy birthday.’ Also shoutout to my mom who made a cameo appearance —she’s destined for stardom, you guys. 

So, you know the deal. Check out Volume 11 of NAMB below and stay tuned for a new episode every Sunday night on Two Buttons Deep. And in the meantime, feel free to tweet me your hot takes for a chance to be shared in future videos.




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