We’re Hyped To Debut “Do the Next Good Thing” Presented by Two Buttons Deep

A few weeks ago, we reached out to Jeff Buell, a Capital Region business developer, after he caught our attention by posting his thoughtful, genuine reaction to a regular old situation —unhappy people at an airport. We asked to share his story on Two Buttons Deep to highlight the idea that truly good people do exist in this world, and many of them are right here in the Capital Region.

What we didn’t know when we reached out to Jeff was that this simple thought runs rapid through his mind —and he had a big idea brewing to change the way we think about being kind, selfless and supportive of others.

He called to Two Buttons Deep for some help, and now we’re collaborating on a project that is set to make the world a better place, well, at least the Capital Region. After many meetings, test runs, and stories told later, Do the Next Good Thing was born.


Today, Two Buttons Deep is excited to announce its partnership with Jeff, who will be giving away one hundred dollars a day to a random stranger in our community. 

No, he doesn’t care what they’ll do with the cash –it could be for a booze run, a one-way ticket out of town or to pass it forward to the next human being. He’s doing it to simply be kind and inspire the idea that no act of kindness is too small. While $100 doesn’t change someone’s life, it can certainly start to change perspective.

Over the next 365 days, we will be following Jeff and all the participants on this journey to share the stories Do the Next Good Thing will set out to tell. We can’t predict much more than the fact that this is going to inspire and motivate viewers far beyond the 518.

It’s not going to be easy, not everyone will like it, but we are committed to the next good thing and sure hope you are too.

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