Is it a Coincidence ‘Fixer Upper’ is Ending RIGHT After I Visited Waco and Asked Chip & Jo to Adopt Me?

This week, HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines announced that their hit home makeover show, ‘Fixer Upper’ will end after Season 5, which is set to debut this November. This is honestly earth-shattering news for anyone who’s followed the adorable couple throughout their journey of making dreams come true, renovating over 80 homes in the used-to-be drab small town of Waco, TX.

Before ‘Fixer Upper’, the only news that put Waco on anybody’s radar was the horrific David Koresh cult member deaths in 1993 (worth reading about if you’re not familiar).


But this news is particularly upsetting to me because, well, I think I might have something to do with it.

Chip and Joanna are just awesome, right? We all know that. And within the last year, they’ve really upped their presence in Waco by creating the Magnolia Market at the Silos –a property that houses a bakery, food trucks, outdoor lawn and merchandise shop. The perfect place for a family day trip and for fans of the show to catch a glimpse of the Gaines’ southern lifestyle.

So, when I had the chance to tag along on my mom’s work trip to Dallas last month, I figured it was my destiny to make the 1.5 hour drive to Waco and check it out.


I have to disclose that I flew to Dallas on August 26 to begin my trip. And an EXACT MONTH later on September 26, Chip and Joanna call it quits?

It’s hitting too close to home to not take it personally, and now I’m sitting here racking my brain, scrolling through my camera roll wondering if I misbehaved at all while visiting their tiny town. No run-ins with law enforcement, no altercations with other tourists arguing over who’s a bigger fan…I brought my A-game! This was my first time visiting Texas and Chip and Jo were like the #1 reason for me to take precious PTO for it.

And then I remembered on September 10, I might’ve done one other thing.


I put a public call-out for the pair to adopt me. I used the World Wide Web to make my plea for the coolest couple on reality television to take me under their wing as one of their own. Yes, they have a great big family of their own filled with adorable children who are already 100x cooler and better looking than me, but I had to pull out all the stops to see if I really had a chance.

Come on, Chip and Jo! I meant well. I still mean well! Did I go overboard? Am I really too invested in you and your hour-long home improvement episodes? Do you not think that the Magnolia t-shirt I bought looks good on me? Are you not in the market for an adoptive child right now?  Should I not have photographed your handprints on the checkout counter while I bought a pair of earrings with Joanna’s face on it? (JK I didn’t really buy the earrings –I’m not that psycho).

I’m so sorry everyone, but I don’t think this a coincidence. I’m ready to assume responsibility for the end of ‘Fixer Upper’ and hope you can just continue to take your frustrations out on me instead of the Gaines family.

*wipes tear off computer keyboard*

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