The New Star Wars Trailer is Fire and Proves the Movie Industry is Still Amazing

If you were watching the Monday Night football this past week and were actually paying attention the programming, you saw one of the coolest movie trailers ever for the newest Star Wars film. Since its debut on Monday, it’s been viewed 26 million times on the Star Wars YouTube page alone.

Let me go Two Buttons Deep on what makes a trailer great and why I appreciate the industry so much.

Everyone thinks Hollywood is unoriginal now, recreating films over and over again, taking away from the original rather than leaving it as one, but this trailer shows that is not the case.

A lot of trailers are poorly done, or essentially show you every good punchline or scene which makes watching the actual movie nothing but a waste of time. However, The Last Jedi trailer put me on the edge of my seat once I heard that slow music of the Imperial March. The voiceovers on the characters were done to perfection, giving me the sense of wonder and excitement that I’ve gotten all throughout my fanhood of the franchise.


I’d like to note that once I watch the trailer, that’s it for me. I don’t spend anytime browsing the internet for more spoilers and neither should you. Just enjoy the taste they gave you, wait sixty-ish days, and then feel the rush walking into the theatre like a child on Christmas morning and enjoy.

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