Jack Joins The League of Extraordinary Red Heads

(Troy Record) The League of Extraordinary Red Heads formed in Troy in 2013, and its initial Night of the Living Red earned the rank of No. 7 in the world among Best Redheaded Gatherings of 2013, according to social media website BuzzFeed. Redheads comprise only about 2 percent of the human population, but, Crary asserts, their ranks include a disproportionately high number of prominent figures, including world leaders, famous authors and celebrities.


Every year I’ve seen a flood of redheads flock to a special gathering in downtown Troy. A special gathering that I, brown haired Jack, have yet to be invited to….But now I have the power of the makeshift 2BD media pass and a camera which allows me to bypass the segregation and infiltrate the sea of orange. I had one goal in mind: join the League of Extraordinary Red Heads. Did I succeed? Yes. Was I welcomed? Well, that’s another story. 

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