I Can’t Believe Supermarket Sweep Is Actually Coming Back To TV

(Press Release) FremantleMedia is set to bring back the TV phenomenon Supermarket Sweep as it acquires the global format rights to the iconic shopping gameshow. The format, which was created by producer Al Howard in 1965, was a global sensation and was adapted in 13 territories internationally.

Supermarket Sweep sees players step inside a very special supermarket for a fast paced and energetic game show, where three teams of two battle it out using their shopping skills and knowledge of merchandise to win big cash prizes.

If she doesn’t know supermarket sweeps. She’s too young for you, bro.


Supermarket Sweep was probably the coolest show the Lifetime network ever aired. I actually can’t believe Lifetime ever aired something this cool. I thought that network was built solely for sappy movies that made white girls cry. Anyways, Supermarket Sweep was an energy boosting game show where contestants answered questions for points, and then raced around a grocery store collecting random items, and the cart with the highest value of products determined the winner. However the coolest part of the entire show was probably the radness of the contestants matching outfits. 

I spent HOURS screaming at the dumb people collecting canned foods when CLEARLY you shoulda been stackin up the meats!!!! Prime Rib costs more per pound then canned yams, Julie!!!!!

Anyways, the show is coming back after being off the air since 2004, and in all honesty, it’s probably going to suck. I’m sick and tired of these all-hype television reboots. How did that Fear Factor reboot go? Nobody watched it? Ok. Oh, and Fuller House was all the rage! Wasn’t it? Can you tell me anything that happened in it other than the first 10 minutes you watched on Netflix before you went back to scrolling Facebook?

Here are three reasons why I think the reboot Supermarket Sweep is gonna suck:

First of all, this new show is created by the son of the original creator. Although that seems credible, it actually seems like kid’s hail-mary attempt to revive a non existent family business.

Second of all, they announced that the show is coming back without any plans of what network it will air on. Aka Freemantle, a UK based production company, probably just paid a shit ton of money for the rights to a classic format with absolutely no game plan on what do to with it. They bought the chicken before the egg factory. It’s a start, but it’s not promising.

Third of all, they plan on updating the show to make it more relatable to a 21st century audience. Which literally means this show, if they really want to be relatable, will be somebody scrolling their iPhone ordering groceries through Amazon and seeing how close they can get to the minimum requirement to get free delivery.

I give this show less than 6 month on whatever C-list network decides to pick this up. I’ll check back in in April and see where we stand, but for now, watch this SNL skit about the game and maybe some future contestants can take hints.

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