Spotify’s Time Capsule Playlist is Terrifyingly Accurate and the Internet Makes Me Scared

I’ve said many times that the internet is a wild, strange and beautiful place. I also work in advertising, so I am well aware of the insane targeting tactics used to convince you to buy the shoes, book the hotel, etc.

But all of this is relatively new in terms of the insane amount of data companies collect on us and use to influence a purchase decision. It’s safe to say within the last five-ish years digital advertising has really creeped up and followed us around 24/7.

BUT, I have never been more convinced that they’ve been collecting dirt on me for a lot longer than I ever thought now that Spotify has rolled out it’s personal throwback playlist, “Your Time Capsule.”

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Holy sh*t, Spotify! I knew we knew each other well, but I did not know we were this tight. A quick glance into yet another personalized playlist just for for me and the tracks are the most accurate depiction of my entire middle school career.

And it’s not just the stuff we all listened to in 2004: 50 Cent, John Mayer and some angsty teen one-hit wonders. There are some songs in there that I definitely jammed out to solo while reflecting on the stresses of being like, 12. So come on, how do they know this about me? This personal mixtape is way more than just a generalization of what kids my age listened to in the mid 2000s.

My guesses:

  • Spotify stole my iPod nano (I never did find out where it disappeared to…)

  • Before the discontinuing of AIM, they bought all of my username data (BloNdEsRsTeLLaR3) and decoded all of the hidden lyrics in my profile/away messages

  • 7th grade me was not as original as I thought I was and this playlist really is just general

  • Data collection and advertising has been scary for a long time, and keeps getting even more unbelievably accurate

I mean it has to be at least one of the above. I don’t hate it, since I love Spotify so darn much, but do me a favor and check out your version of the Time Capsule playlist and let me know if anyone else is becoming more terrified of the internet’s capabilities by the day. Really makes ya think what else they know about.

Here’s my playlist (don’t judge me).

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