Stewart’s Shops is Now Selling Doughboys in What May be the Partnership of the Century

If you’re clicking on this you’re probably celebrating the good news. Yes, Stewart’s is selling doughboys.


If you’ve ever been on Caroline St. and haven’t tried a doughboy then you’re a zero. Esperanto’s has been a staple of Saratoga’s downtown for years and continue to be a number 1 spot. When you’re drunk downtown leaving the bar there’s about an 85% chance you’ve stopped there to indulge in a doughboy. They’re what they call in the biz, the real deal. If you’ve never heard or seen a doughboy then check out this video.




Last week it was announced that for the first time ever, Stewart’s will start selling these hot commodities. Am I surprised these two power houses are joining up? Absolutely not. One of the best foods downtown is joining up with one of the best stores on the planet. No brainer.

I’m probably the biggest Stewarts fan of all time. I swear to god one of the worst parts about going to college at SUNY Cortland was the fact there weren’t any Stewart’s around.

If you’re confused about my obsession for Stewart’s, allow me to break it down for you.

The Food

Stewart’s is the grocery store alternative that dreams are made of. If you can name one place that has a better sausage egg and cheese ready for immediate pickup for $3, then I’d say you’re lying. Stewart’s hot dogs are the best in the game and if you don’t think so then we cannot possibly be friends. Because every Wednesday I will be at Stewart’s celebrating Weiner Wednesdays. Oh, do you like Milk? Well Stewart’s has the best milk in the state of New York, nominated by a tiny little school named CORNELL. Ever heard of it? How does that make you feel? Which leads us to…

The Ice Cream

It’s not even a debate if Stewart’s has the best ice cream. If this minute and a half video is too long to you, they essentially highlight the fact their ice cream is made entirely from local milk and cream and is exclusively sold to Stewart’s customers which is something unheard of in the ice cream game.

Let me break down Ked’s Top 5 Stewarts Ice Cream:

Peanut Butter Pandemonium

Mint Cookie Crumble

Fudge Brownie Alamode

Kaydeross Kreme Light

Crumbs Along The Mohawk

If you get a chance try them all, even in one sitting, you wont be disappointed.

 The Atmosphere

Every Stewart’s is an absolute circus, but in a good way. When you enter a Stewart’s, expect to see a few things:

First, there’s more than likely one little kid running around on a sugar binge wanting more candy or ice cream. Make sure your head is always on a swivel.

Second, there’s always a college aged kid walking out of the beer cave with two 30 racks of Busch light and a Limerita. Livin’ the god damn dream.

Third, the line will be held up by either somebody trying too many ice creams or somebody running through their 25 scratch off tickets before they use their winning to buy more lottery tickets.

Fourth, and always one of my favorites, are the old timers sitting in their own booth. It must be protocol for Stewart’s to have at least 2 or 3 signature retirees in their booths at all times. I can’t wait to retire so I can go to the local Stews from 8-11 while I sip on some black coffee, read a paper and talk with my neighbors. Having your own booth at Stewarts is clearly an honor and yes, I’ve put this on my bucket list.

Lastly, you will always encounter the nicest people around town when you do make it to the counter. It’s always a “hi honey, how are you?” or some sort of comment which makes my day. And the best part is the employees who know me at my local Stew’s know damn well what I’m there for, and they get me my tin of Griz green before I even ask for it. And now, add a doughboy to that order.


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  1. Raining Iguanas

    That was fun!

  2. Pete

    Stewart’s is the best store ever but a doughboy is just a chicken burrito. Isn’t it?

  3. yahoocom53

    The breakfast sandwiches are salty. And a circus? In a good way? Come on down to Amsterdam…. Eastend or Market Hill…. You will definitely see your circus, all right. Right along with the “mother f*****” swear words blowing out of 10 year old mouths while they loiter in the parking lot all day and night long. ???


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