Nobody Asked Me, But…Vol. 14

We’re winding down the outdoor season and slowly saying goodbye to all the best fall activities. Luckily, the Troy Farmers’ Market stays open outdoors through late October, allowing us to find a quiet spot amongst the action to film our latest piece in the NAMB series.

It’s a distracting place –from all of the incredible food options to the insane amount of cute dogs and adorable babies (luckily for me, those creatures are usually right at my eye level). But with only one episode left in the first season of our weekly, one minute vids, we had to take advantage of this great location just a block away from 2BD HQ.

That’s right –only one episode left!

So, please enjoy Volume 14 below and engage with us before we film the next video! Where should we go? What are the hottest hot takes consuming your week? Let us know so we can make a memorable grand finale on Season 1.

To watch the entire NAMB playlist, click here.

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