Give Us All the Hats: Three Hat Trends Guys and Gals Can Rock

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By and large, most fashionistas, or general wearers of clothes, do not embrace hats all that much. I mean, hats are the coolest, but it’s one of the accessories people simply write off as something they can’t rock. So, of course I’m here to say that is false!

I don’t understand the hesitation when it comes to including hats in your wardrobe –but I suspect it is that lack of confidence for most of us. While there are always the staple baseball cap, a lot of hat styles are trendy and with that comes the fear you’ll be viewed as a follower or too optimistic that you can pull the look off.


Hats are for the boys and the girls and are literally good for so many occasions and fashion feelings. Boring outfit? Add a hat. Bad hair day? Definitely add a hat. Want to let everyone know you are confident AF and can’t be messed with? Add a hat, dammit!

You know the haters will simply be jealous when you’re out there embracing cool styles and waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. That’s just how fast fashion works and it’s what separates the Zara enthusiasts from the JC Penney lovers (not to say you can’t be both, ’cause if you’re good at this stuff, you can put the trends together from anywhere).

But I’m here to tell you that you can pull off some of the trendiest, must-have hat styles for fall and winter 2017.

The Beret

This style has to be at the top of the list because you can find it literally everywhere right now. InStyle magazine calls the beret “the chicest accessory of fall 2017.”

I mean, you can’t argue with that. The French-inspired chapeau is undeniably chic, and of course practical for keeping the top of your head warm. I’m hesitant to try this trend myself because it is just a little bit outside the norm, but with the proper outfit pairing the beret is going to add the fire flames emoji to your seasonal look.

The Fedora

Thank goodness this style has evolved from the straw version we’re used to seeing on summer vacations at the Jersey Shore. For fall/winter, fedoras have gotten more structured by going wool and switching up the signature ribbon above the straight brim.

The Beanie

A beanie is the ultimate pop of color you need during a drab winter day. Plus, it’s an affordable-ish accessory that can take a simple black-on-black outfit to the next level. Once it’s on your head there are multiple ways to style it, too, so ya got options here. The main point is that beanies don’t have to be strictly functional: they can do more than keep those ears toasty.


If you can find a way to work those three staples into your fall and winter vibe, you’re on the right track. You just have to go for it –with colors, styles and shapes that get you out of the box a little bit and can shut the haters down. Everyone wishes they could pull off hats, I know it, and now there should be nada holding you back.

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